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How do corporate taxes work?

How do corporate taxes work?

Corporate taxes are taxes that are levied on the income or capital of corporations. In most countries, corporations are required to pay tax on their income and profits.

There are two main types of corporate taxes: income taxes and capital taxes.

Income tax is a tax on a corporation’s profits. It is calculated based on the corporation’s income and expenses for a given tax year. Income tax rates vary depending on the jurisdiction, but they are generally higher for corporations than for individuals.

Capital tax is a tax on a corporation’s capital or net worth. It is calculated based on the value of the corporation’s assets, such as cash, investments, and property. Capital tax rates are generally lower than income tax rates.

Corporate taxes are typically levied at the federal and state/provincial levels in countries with a federal system of government. In some cases, corporations may also be subject to local taxes.

Corporate taxes are typically paid on an annual basis, and corporations are required to file a tax return with the relevant tax authorities each year. The tax return will show the corporation’s income and expenses for the year, and the tax that is owed. If the corporation has paid more tax than it owes for the year, it may be entitled to a tax refund.

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