Financial Services

Business Services

Budget & Plan


  • How to create your very first budget
  • How to improve your existing budget
  • How to plan for unexpected events and expenses


  • Plan your budget for the next six months
  • Outline the changes you want to make for better financial health
  • Predict improvements in financial health based on these changes

Start a Business

  • Register your new company with your state
  • Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) for tax compliance
  • Discuss your business plan, strategy, and branding (logo ideas, etc.)

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Manage Your Payroll

  • Maintain accurate records for all employees
  • Ensure the proper deductions are taken out of each paycheck
  • Ensure employees are properly paid for leave or vacation
  • Calculate deductions and withholdings accurately on payday
  • Process payments efficiently when payment is due
  • Create pay stubs and remit paychecks on time
  • File all required reports with tax offices for compliance
up to 3 employees and
$50 for every additional
(please call for bulk pricing if there are more than 20 employees)

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Solve Business Problems

  • Understand your customer’s needs
  • Understand the problems you need to solve for customers
  • Brainstorm solutions to customer problems
  • Establish and validate requirements for implementing solutions
  • Set measurable goals and execute solutions

Improve Financial Outcomes

  • Develop a complete understanding of your industry vertical
  • Analyze and predict growth rates in your industry
  • Understand your financial status and predict profitability
  • Analyze liquidity of your business asset
  • Analyze and improve business process efficiency
  • Understand your earnings and cash flow
  • Maximize your Return on Investment

Build Business Credit

  • Create a Dun & Bradstreet profile to collect insights and improve business performance
  • Create a Net Asset Value (NAV) account to build business credit

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Pay Your Business Taxes

  • Income Taxes – 1040
  • Estimated Taxes – Quarterly taxes
  • Self-Employment Taxes – Sole Proprietors, general partners, members of LLCs, Social Security and Medicare taxes
  • Employment Taxes – If you have employees, you must report and deposit federal income tax withholding, Social Security and Medicare (FICA) taxes (your employees pay half and you pay the other half), and Federal Unemployment (FUTA) tax.
  • Sales taxes – Businesses may be required to collect these taxes on sales and remit them to their state (and possibly other states in which they do business)

Personal Finance

Budget & Plan


  • How to create your very first budget
  • How to improve your existing budget
  • How to plan for unexpected events and expenses

Pay Your Taxes


  • Save as much as possible with maximum deductions (amount may vary)
  • File your taxes electronically (e-file)
  • Set up direct deposit for your tax refund

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