No one taught you how to structure, manage and optimize your finances to tackle your biggest financial goals and ensure you’re taking the right steps towards financial freedom. In today’s world, that means companies profit off your confusion. Not anymore. We work with individuals like you to create a custom roadmap to achieve your financial goals without guesswork, stress or overwhelm — we’ve got you covered.

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A financial consultant is a professional who provides financial advice to clients according to their individual needs. Financial consultants typically have a wide range of knowledge in the financial industry, allowing them to provide comprehensive advice to their clients.

Using a financial consultant can be a great way to coordinate all of your financial goals. These professionals can help you save for retirement, understand your assets, and make smart investments. They can also guide you through complex investments and suggest specific investments that match your personal needs. They may also sell you financial products. Depending on your needs, they may also work for you outside of normal business hours.

The best financial planners can help you make sense of your finances and suggest appropriate investments. In fact, most experts would suggest that you get a financial planner at some point in your life, even if you haven’t yet reached retirement age. If you are in the market for a financial planner, you should have a list of questions prepared.

Services built around your needs

PFC Personal Financial Services for ultimate peace of mind!

Personal Bookkeeping

Let us handle your personal books each and every month so you can budget and plan with pinpoint accuracy that gives you peace of mind.

Award-Winning Credit Repair

No matter where you’re starting from, our award-winning and results-based Credit Repair services are here to help. We deploy a proven strategy to radically boost your score and dispute negative items.

Maximize Your Tax Refund

It takes one mistake to miss out on hundreds or thousands of dollars. Our award winning Tax Refund Services ensures you maximize your refund with a transparent and easy-to-understand process plus the lowest fee in town by up to 50%.

Financial Planning On Your Terms

Every path to financial success starts with a plan. Our team of Certified Financial Planners are here to help you plan, manage and optimize your finances. Best of all? We have your best interests in mind and we tailor everything to your unique needs.

Start Your Business

There’s never been a better time to start your own business, but there’s a lot of conflicting information. Let us set you up for success so you can focus on what matters: growth.

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Whether you want to buy a home, pay for college or save for retirement, financial consultants can help. They can suggest specific investments and manage your finances. They also work to help you create action plans that will help you reach your goals.

Financial consultants help you build wealth by analyzing your current financial situation. They design accountability plans and suggest specific investments. They can also answer questions about saving for retirement, handling inheritance, and other financial matters. They may even be able to help you with specialized needs.

Whether you are a business looking for sound financial advice, or an individual looking for financial help, you may find that financial consultants are the solution to your problems. They help you to determine what your financial needs are and provide advice on how to accomplish them. There are several financial services, including bookkeeping, income tax, corporate tax, financial analysis, and more. Contact Prominent Financial Consultants to get started!

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