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Can I do income tax without exemptions / deductions?

Can I do income tax without exemptions / deductions?

Yes, it is possible to do your income tax without claiming exemptions or deductions. Exemptions and deductions are two types of adjustments to your taxable income that can reduce the amount of income tax you owe. However, you are not required to claim exemptions or deductions if you do not want to.

Exemptions are a specific dollar amount that can be claimed for each person listed on the tax return, including the taxpayer and any dependents. Deductions are a way to reduce your taxable income by the amount you spend on certain expenses, such as charitable donations, mortgage interest, or business expenses.

If you do not want to claim exemptions or deductions, you can simply leave these fields blank when you file your tax return. Your taxable income will be calculated based on your total income, minus any exemptions or deductions that you are eligible to claim but choose not to.

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